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St Catherine Jamaica​​
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Nothing beats studying the word of God and understanding.​
Bible Studies is a must for all who wants minister.​


​What are Vision Dominion School Of Theology graduates doing today?

Since our first group of graduates in 2000 Bible Explosion Certificate Courses at 28 McField Lane, George Town Grand Cayman, we have graduates that are currently serving as bishops, pastors, ministers, exhorters, bible teachers, evangelists, missionaries, worship leaders, deaconess, men and ladies ministries as well as Sunday school teachers, cell group leaders, and countless other helps ministers.

What are your future plans?
Bishop Prof. Juliette D. Fagan D.Div,  President and Overseer, has great expectations for the future of the Bible School locally and internationally: "The basic needs of mankind never change - in fact, they seem to grow more urgent as the time of the return of the Lord Jesus draws near. Vision Dominion School Of Theology ​is more dedicated than ever to do its part in the great end-time harvest to win the lost at any cost and to train and equip men and women who are called by God. The need for humble, consecrated, obedient ministers of the Gospel, who will walk in integrity and excellence, proclaiming the life-transforming power of God's Word, has never been greater throughout the whole earth. We believe that with God's grace, we will be able to stay the miraculous course that has been set before us, and go on to affect the lives of many souls for the Kingdom of God." Only born again believers are able to graduate from our school. But every can study the word of God with us.
VDST Ministry Practicum
Except for Pastors, Spiritual Leaders. All Students are required and encouraged to serve in their local church as: A volunteer, minister, or helps ministry (as a greeter, usher, Sunday school teacher or assistant, youth worker, nursery, church cleaning, ladies or men's ministry)
Ministry practicum hours must be valid volunteer work sanctioned by the student's local church Pastor providing training for the student and helping that church. Our bible school is Non-Denominational and we encourage all students to work and remain n their local church that is why we offer the courses online and offline. We were granted permission with a full curriculum as an Extension Bible School from AEMES School of Ministry in 2008. Other ministerial specialty courses and programs will be coming on stream soon.